Realising Your Full Sexual Self

Vajrayogini works with male and female clients. Using her intuitive and tantric skills, she will take you on a journey within yourself; helping to release unwanted aspects of yourself, as well as moving sexual energies without guilt. Her work is especially beneficial in healing sexual trauma, which can be from past lives, or realms of the unconcious mind. For women with sexual abuse trauma, Tantric healing is especially beneficial. Or she can focus on the simple pure exploration of your as yet unfound pleasures. Vajrayogini is happy to discuss any issues in complete confidentuality before your treatment and any tactile needs you may have, ie using fur or other stimuli on the skin. A renewed realization of your sexual self is her intent.

Vajrayogini can also work with the following in her sessions

About Vajrayogini

Vajrayogini stands for the embodiment of bliss and transformation of sexual energy into compassion. She has lived and worked in the sacred Isle of Avalon as a qualified V.T.C.T & M.I.C.H.T Holistic Massage Therapist and Psychic reader for eleven years. Tantra has evolved into her life over the years and has helped her to view her spirituality as one with her sexuality.

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Vajrayogini has gone on sabbatical for a while and will be returning at the later in 2018