ShirleyAnn Millar


Whole Body Unity Consciousness

Tailored to individual needs, weaving together healing modalities, to give an appropriate session, including Tantric Holistic Massage, Angelic Reiki, Tachyon healing crystals, Elemental blessings and Spiritual Guidance. The whole of the body receives sacred caring touch, with compassion, integrity and honour. Shirleyann works organically and intuitively, to assist you to move forward in life more juicy, compassionate, expansive in your creative joy and abundance. Creating a space for "expanding in joy" to "expressing in joy"

About Shirleyann

Shirleyann's background is in body and energy work, (and accounts!) from qualifying in holistic massage in 1991, teaching it by 1994, to Angelic Reiki teacher, through to dedicating as a Priestess of Avalon in 2009 with lots of different development in between! She works as a facilitator, with a heart centered, intuitive and compassionate approach. Incorporating, sacred holistic massage touch, spiritual guidance, coaching, exploration, healing release, integration and nurturing. Her sessions aim to offer powerful, transferable techniques, and rituals with quality support. She creates a sacred, safe, caring (and fun!) environment.


What clients have said about Shirleyann's Tantric Massage

"Beautiful, so sensual and healing, and just what I needed" — Rick, Business Advisor

"It felt like there were many hands on me – so comforting and nurturing"" — Janet, Office worker