Surrender Into Exquisite Touch

Freya loves touch. Conscious loving touch, given without expectation, without any agenda at all is a powerful way for us to connect to ourselves, and to others. Most of us are starved of touch. We don't realise until we finally receive it how much we've missed it from our lives. It can be incredibly healing for both men and women to experience this form of conscious touch.

Conscious touch can also open you to feeling more of your true sexual essence. If you’ve ever felt like there is more to sexuality and sensuality, if you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to experience sensual touch, then a tantric massage with Freya may open that door for you.

With the gift of her exquisite touch Freya can help you to reconnect to your body, and to your sensual, sexual nature. She can help you to experience pleasure in new ways, help you to open your body to new sensual experiences.

Perhaps you want to open to feeling pleasure or connect with your sensuality? Perhaps you want help with healing an area around sexuality or intimacy?

Freya creates the safe space for you to relax into receiving the gift of her loving touch. Freya offers sessions in Bristol to men and women.

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About Freya

Freya has a beautiful quality of touch and gentle, loving and guiding presence. She is originally from Ireland, and is a trained tantra massage practitioner. She has also trained as a Heart IQ Coach and in Quantum Touch (an energy healing modality).

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Freya is on sabbatical while she goes deeper into her art and her work. She will be returning soon.