Turiya Invites You To An Experience Of Effortless Ecstasy
A Way Of Using Your Sexual Energy To Expand Your Pleasure Potential

Turiya offers an alternative approach to intimacy by taking you on a journey of sensual delight.

Her approach is heart-centric, guiding clients to transmute genital arousal to a fuller experience of whole body connection.

Her approach is personal, playful and potently powerful.

Turiya's sessions are a journey towards new heights and depths, with the following benefits:

About Turiya

Turiya has been offering tantric bodywork for the past 12 years and her work reflects her personal and professional experience of a lifetime of living and loving.

Turiya initially worked in Cape Town, alongside the late Dr Shakti Malan, exploring Tantra practice with her and observing her early work in this field.

After moving to England in 2013, Turiya continued exploring in a variety of Tantric groups, participating in numerous workshops with a number of local teachers (Sarita, John Hawkins, Leora Lightbody, Suta Rawson and Gayatri Beegan, amongst others.)

Turiya continues her journey of discovery on the path of tantra, with her greatest learning coming from observing her own body and experimenting within her own life.

Life has become the Teacher

Turiya's skills as a teacher enable her to translate what can seem to be a mysterious practice, into something accessible and useful to those who long for greater depth of connection and a more ecstatic experience in the body.


What clients have said about Turiya's Tantric bodywork

"Spending time with this lady has taken me to another plane.......to start she makes you feel very welcome and at ease, she explains the essence of tantric energy, then with her exquisite and sensuous touch she sets your senses alive......and when you leave you feel elated, relaxed and free from the stresses that weighed you down when you arrived...

"Turiya is a remarkable woman. With her amazing touch and feel she will take you to places you didn't know existed, free from the constraints of daily life. Whether it be a massage or a touch session, you will leave feeling invigorated and blissfully enhanced.

"Unhurried, magical, sensuous experience. Turiya makes you feel like you are at the centre of the Universe, highly recommended!