Expand the heart and connect to your authentic self
Discover your authentic self through the art of touch

On her own journey Lana discovered a beautiful deep healing through Tantra massage. She was a holistic Therapist for the past 6 years and her intention was always to encourage her clients to explore the beautiful healing world through the Art of Touch. Her gentle, sensual touch opens her clients' hearts and helps them to get connected to their bodies and deep emotions. In the safe and nonjudgmental environment her clients always meet respect, professionalism, trust and compassion.

The healing and comforting powers of the human touch have been known for a long time. Incredible emotional and physical health benefits come from touch. Too often we underestimate the power of it. Tantra Massage is a beautiful powerful tool that we can use to heal and awaken our body senses. It allows you to explore pleasure in a new and creative way. There are many benefits of Tantric Massage; here are just a few:

Benefits of a session

About Lana

Lana would invite you to take a step into the world where you would explore a conscious touch, a gentle opening of the heart, a language of sensuality that needs no words. With nourishing, sensual touch with out the pressure of expectation and performance she would invite you to connect to your body, allow yourself to feel and explore the hidden parts of your authentic self. In the safe space you would "let go" and move away from shame, guilt and fear. Her mission is to encourage you to allow others to feel your sexuality, and to appreciate your body shape and your skin. Having sessions with her would help you to find acceptance of yourself.

Qualifications and Training:


What clients have said about Lana's Tantric Massage

"Tantric massage with Lana was an extraordinary experience for me. Working gently with the body, responsibly with the feelings and emotions it gave me really deep connection with my inner sense and beauty. Being with my body, my voice, my joy was unbelievable gift from the Universe realised by soft and lovely Lana’s tantlic touching. Happy to say I want to repeat this spiritual journey!" - Tasha

"I’ve had many massages over the years and Lana’s definitely stands out. You can feel the love and attention she puts into her work which makes a big difference with what you get out of it. She has a real talent for massage and I highly recommend her" - Grant

"I have never experienced a massage like it. The work Lana did on my abdomen made my back feel so much better. She is very skillful, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Three hours felt like one and a half and I can’t wait to have another treatment." - Laura

"I had a great massage with Lana, she is strong and soft at the same time, she has a great energy that makes you fly away. She moved my energy in away to help me release pain and trauma accumulated for years. The session was extraordinary!" - Janelle