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This ran in May 2018. Contact the organiser for the next opportunity. Women Only £ 35 None. Open to all

Tantrika Training Introduction

Tantrika Training Into Sunday 13th May 2018

Over these 3 weekends we will use ritual, energy transmissions and exercises to clear old conditioning from our wombs and hearts and awaken them to their divine potential. We can then use our sexual-spiritual energy to spark our dreams and visions and birth new realities. The teachings and tantric exercises come from an ancient lineage that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, the goddess Isis and osiris, thru Christ and Mary Magdalene. This is the Gnostic path of Sophia, the Black Madonna. There are also aspects of the druidic traditions.

Tantrika Training UK presents the following workshops for women interested in developing their potential as Sacred Intimates, Priestess's, Healers and Channelers. This Mystery School includes a lineage of such Healers as Mary Magdelene, Mother Mary and goes back to the goddess Isis of ancient Egypt. the transmissions and empowerments will awake your Divine Heritage as transmitters of Shakti, the feminine force of nature.

About Teacher Kira

Taught by Kira, Grail Carrier in the Lineage of Sophia. Kira is a healer and Tantric practitioner with many years experience. Kira has trained in a range of Tantric modalities including shamanic tantra and has trained with Padma Devi. She is qualified in Swedish Massage and Energy Healing.

The Journey of Tantrika Training

This Introduction day gives you a taster of the complete Tantrika Training Program. There will be 3 weekend workshops that create the foundation for the spiritual journey of the Magdelene, one who has chosen to re-claim their inner spiritual-sexual power, and connect with the heart of Compassion.

Workshop Weekend 1: 16th - 17th June 2018.

On this first weekend we will be introduced to the archetypal energies of Lilith, Eve and Mary Magdelene and begin the process of clearing the heart and womb wounding in order for us to become vessels of the Divine. through ritual, journeying and energy transmissions bridged to us from the Goddess, we will transform our inner issues. there will be teachings and ceremony to explore the nature of Divine Conception and bringing forth light from the void so that we can conceive the divine child of the inner Christ/Horus. first though we need to create a strong embodied space within ourselves to start this process. Lilith, the first woman, who left Adam to be independant, will assist us in finding our true nature. history has demonised her, but she is infact the primordial feminine, wild and untamed. we will then invoke the energy of Eve, the supportive wife, and the Sacred Snake, guardian of the Apple of knowledge. through the balance of these energies comes the cauldron in which to invoke Mary Magdelene, the Soul Midwife and guardian of the mysteries of life and death.

Workshop Weekend 2: 7th - 8th July 2018

Isis and Osiris/Mary Magdelene and Jesus. the Phoenix energy that re-activates the cells. transmissions, teachings and dance/ritual to connect with our inner Phoenix. shamanic journeying to meet the inner creatrix. what within us needs to re-activate, what needs to die. opening the Eye of the Heart to find discernment. Teachings on the Chakras and the Elements. Empowerments to be able to use our hands as healing channels of light. Sunday will be spent in Glastonbury, visiting the white spring and chalice wells for ritual and ceremony.

Workshop Weekend 3: 1st - 2nd September 2018

Mother Mary. Empowerments and Ritual to awaken our inner Divine Mother. Grail Womb awakening transmission. inner journey to connect with Mother Mary. working with Angels, journey to the Angelic realms. Angelic transmissions. the Eye of Horus.

Costs & Location

The cost for the introduction day is £ 35. Cost for each weekend, £ 120. workshops will take place in Bristol in a private space next to the green space of the downs. Workshops are non-residential. Meals are not provided but the venue is near restaurants and cafe's. All 3 workshops need to be attended to move on to the level 1 Tantrika Training certificate.

Contact Information

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